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Helping Clients Achieve Their Vision

One Beautiful, Affordable Home at a Time

Building as Partners will build on your lot or build on your land in and around Lubbock, Texas.



Design build-ready plans & create specs that perfectly match your new home vision.  

Plus, you'll have an estimated construction cost from Day 1 that updates as you design and detail your home.



We offer custom home builds with amazing outcomes. 

Solid job management, clear deadlines, and communication and cost transparency starting from Day 1 of Design, make this possible.

Save money by actually participating in the adventure! Take over the project to finish your home, or provide some labor yourself. You can even be your own builder.


And you'll have a huge safety net -  you will always have access to our banking, administrative, and field services if you need them. 

For an accurate estimate on your
new home ideas
Private & Confidential
No Charge
No Obligation
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