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Design Services

No two BAP homes are alike. Each customer brings their own vision, priorities, and style to the process; our team helps design it, refine it, and bring it to life. Bring us a draft plan, a hand sketch, or even inspiration photos to get started. We'll work with you to design a floorplan that you love, that follows best practices for efficient build-outs, and most importantly, that can be built within your budget.


Then, we'll go through the details of your home - everything from door swings to allowances - to make sure your vision is being met. We update your pricing along the way, so you can make informed decisions and prioritize what matters most to you.

Wherever your Building as Partners journey takes you, it will start with our Design Services. If you choose a Full-Build or Shell Home, Design is the first step. If you want a set of plans so you can build your own home, or build in the future, we offer the most comprehensive construction package available. You'll go into construction with confidence in your plans, and in your budgets.

Our unique Design approach creates your dream while saving you money, time, and stress by providing:

  • A cost estimate from Day 1 of working with us, and real-time cost updates as we design and detail out your home.

  • Cost Discovery for unknown site-specific items the project may require (such as a well, a shop, a pool, etc.).  

  • Access to subcontractors to address complex design features early in the process, saving time, money, and mistakes during construction.

  • First-hand knowledge of the build process to reduce unnecessary construction costs.

We have seen the heartbreak of customers with "dream home plans" by designers who had no way to estimate pricing, and so designed homes far outside customers' price range. Likewise, we've been sent floorplans created by those with no construction experience, resulting in inefficiencies that waste space, non-essential details that require subcontractor upcharges, or, in some cases, errors that make the plans impossible to build as-drawn. Our Design Process was created to address those issues through open and clear communication between us and our clients, and between our field team and design team. This allows us to provide you with plans, specifications, and budgets that ensure you're on track for a successful build.

The Design Process

Design & Cost Discovery Retainer​

Once you decide to move forward with us, you'll sign a Design Retainer to begin designing a home that is uniquely yours. We split our Design process into 2 stages: Appraisal Set & Construction Set. This allows us to focus on the right things at the right time in the process. As such, we also offer the option to split your retainer into two payments. This 2-step option also offers you flexibility if you want the security of knowing your loan is approved before moving forward.

  • Appraisal Set / Initial Floorplan & Budgets - Initial Payment ranges from $1.00 - $2.00 / sq.ft., depending on your specific situation.

  • Construction Set - Final Retainer Payment will be the balance of your Design Retainer - this will range from $1.20 - $2.00 / sq.ft. depending on your specific situation.

Design Through Appraisal Set​

The goal for this initial step is to get a set of plans and the other documents and budgets that are required for Appraisal. This will include a floorplan with overall house size, front elevation, wiring plan, site plan, general specifications, and appraisal budgets to send to your lender. You will also have gone through several Design worksheets to ensure your needs for each room align with the overall Design. This initial Design process also includes Site Cost Discovery, where we'll work with you to see what other costs might need to be considered for your project (a shop, pool, well, septic, land prep, soil considerations, etc.). 

Design & Detailing for Construction Set​

The goals for the second step in Design are to further detail out your home's cabinetry, bathrooms, fireplace, etc., and to finalize your Full Construction Plans and Budgets, with full dimensions on the plans.  This step also includes additional reviews by trade partners, if needed, to catch any issues that might require adjustments to the plans before construction begins. As always, we will update your cost estimate as you go, so you always have a handle on your budget.

Once your Appraisal Set is with your lender, it usually takes 1-2 months before closing. Once the first part of Design is complete, if you've paid your Retainer in full, you can get started further detailing out your home right away. If you split your Retainer, you can choose to wait until closing to finalize Detailing, or you can pay the balance and continue detailing out your home so we can hit the ground running soon after you close.

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