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Shell Homes & DIY Services

Are you interested in managing the construction of your home yourself, but want the security of starting the project off correctly - and getting a structural warranty?* Or are you handy, and want to do some of the work yourself once the home gets into its later stages? Our Shell Home or DIY options might be right for you! We offer options to let you be part of the adventure, and save you money in the meantime!




What are Shell Home and DIY Options?

A Shell Home is a home completed through a pre-determined stage of construction, after which the Owner becomes responsible for the management, hiring, and purchasing required to complete the build. Shell Home savings come from the Builder Fees you won't have to pay us, since you are managing the completion of the project.

DIY Options are for Owners who want to save money by doing some of the work themselves, but who want BAP to continue to fully manage the build. DIY savings come from the labor / subcontractors you won't have to pay since you are doing the work yourself. If you want to provide DIY labor, let us know and we can discuss the potential cost savings. Please note we cannot allow DIY work by non-licensed individuals for services requiring licensing or separate insurance. 

What is Included in a Shell Home?

We offer two main options for Shell Home, depending on what phase of the project you'd like to take over. They are described below, but if there's something specific you are interested in, let us know andwe can discuss those options with you. 

How Much Money Can I Save by Building a Shell Home vs. Turnkey Construction?

The main way a Shell Home saves money is by a reduction in Builder Fees. Depending on the size of your home, the phase of construction you want to take over, and the financing and exterior options you choose, you could save anywhere from about $12,000 to $55,000 in such fees.


You will still have to pay for the other hard costs of construction unless you choose to do the work yourself. Since we will not be involved in hiring subcontractors or purchasing materials, there is always a risk that the hard costs of construction will be different for you than they would be for us. However, as part of our Shell Home Services, we will provide you with construction budgets so you can know what kinds of pricing to expect from your subcontractors and vendors.

Can I Still Get a Construction Loan if I Choose a Shell Home Option?

We always recommend speaking to your lender to verify what terms they will / will not allow. But typically, this should not be a problem provided that a third party signs as the contractor, as required by lending laws. This third party will be responsible to the lender for confirming that the build will be completed. 

Can Building as Partners Sign as the Contractor if I Build a Shell Home?

If you would prefer BAP to sign as the Builder on your construction loan, we can provide that service for a fee to cover our additional risk and administrative costs (such as managing the draw requests, monitoring cost budgets, and conducting periodic inspections against the construction schedule). This would allow you to stay at the helm of managing the construction of your home while providing your lender with the comfort of professional oversight. However should you or your lender at any time decide that it would be better if BAP finished the build, your contract would need to revert to a full turnkey service.

Please note that BAP will not be able to sign as Builder for a Structural Shell.

Can I Manage My Entire Build?

Yep! If you want to work with us to design your home, and then completely manage the project, our Design Services will be the main part of your journey with us. You'll go into construction with a construction set of plans, full construction budgets, and ongoing access to our project management portal so you can continue to view the work done during Design. If you find yourself needing targeted assistance during your build, we can provide takeoffs, jobsheets, or consultations on an hourly-fee basis.

*Structural warranties not available for Barndo Shell Homes, as foundation and exterior structure will be provided by metal building fabricator. For Barndo Shell Homes, Building as Partners will provide interior shell construction with applicable workmanship warranties. 

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