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Construction Services

For those looking for turnkey design-build services, you need look no further than Building as Partners. While no two BAP houses are the same, your journey through the design, construction, and finishing of your home is carefully laid out to produce the best results with maximum cost savings and efficiencies. We pride ourselves on smooth build-outs, which are made possible by our commitment to:

  • managing deadlines to address the right questions at the right time

  • conducting thorough inspections at each stage of construction

  • scheduling regular Owner walk-throughs to catch issues early, and

  • maintaining regular and open communication with both Owners and partners.

The key phases of our Construction Process are laid out below - click on any of them to learn more!

Stacks of Coins


Free Cost Estimate

We believe in working within your cost expectations and minimizing financial surprises. That's why we provide a cost estimate from Day 1 to make sure building is the right choice for you. Whether you want to price one of our existing floorplans or price your ideas from scratch, we will send you a cost proposal and general specifications that you can update and re-price before moving forward - all at no cost to you!

Optional Consultation and/or Site Visits

Speak with a member of our team or meet with our Lead Builder to learn more about who we are and how we work. You can also arrange a visit to an active jobsite to see one of our projects firsthand, hear its story, and get a sense of the quality and attention to detail that goes into each and every build.

Phase 1


If You Already Have Land

If you already own your own land, great! We can meet you at your build site during Design to determine your desired house location, map out future improvements (shop, pool, etc.), and discuss any site prep needs. These items will also inform the "Site Cost Discovery" step that takes place with Design, as you'll need to have them estimated before going into Appraisal.

If You've Found Land But Need to Purchase It

If you have found property you like and want to add your land purchase into your construction loan, you can! We can work with you and the seller to confirm purchasing timelines can line up with the appraisal and funding processes. We'll add the purchase price into your "Site Costs" budget for your lender, and complete the steps listed above to make sure you go into Appraisal with the information and budgets you need.

If You are Looking for Land

If you don't have land yet, but know you want to build on acreage, that's okay! We can move forward with Design while you continue to look, or we can connect you with one of our team to help you find the perfect lot. If you plan to build in-town, we will need to discuss your needs, and whether it's feasible to design a house without the actual lot dimensions. 

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Phase 2
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Our Design Process

Please visit our Design Services Page to learn more about our approach to Design and our ability to meet your vision while keeping you on track with your budgets. In a nutshell, our Design Process offers: 

  • Thorough, thoughtful Design that is tailored to your particular needs and style.

  • Cost Discovery for other project expenses you'll need to account for, such as added improvements (shop, pool, etc.), utility hookups or installations (well, septic, city connections), and lot prep costs if required (land clearing, land leveling, special soil considerations, etc.).

  • Real-time pricing updates so you don't have "sticker shock" once your vision is created. We work hard to keep your design inside your budget parameters, and let you know about major cost drivers before they become an integral part of your home.

  • BAP field experience to ensure your home's design is both beautiful and buildable.

  • Access to trade partners to identify challenges or complex aspects early, reducing unnecessary subcontractor upcharges and saving you money in change orders later on.

  • Option for 2-step Design & Detailing if you want to get to Appraisal, but hold off on a complete Construction Set until you're ready to go.

Phase 3


Final Site Prep

Once it's time to get ready to build, you'll conduct another site visit with our Construction Manager to confirm the location of your home, and identify any work that's needed before we can break ground. This could include but is not limited to:

  • Clearing Land

  • Leveling the Lot

  • Bringing in / Removing Dirt

  • Conducting a Soil Test

  • Creating Road Access

  • Staking out House Location, Obstacles, and Future Structures


Identified action items will need to be complete before construction begins. We can work with you to coordinate those items and adjust the overall construction schedule to include them in the timeline.

Excavator Tractor
Phase 4


Because of our Design Process, by the time we break ground, we will know more about your home than pretty much any other builder or designer would. And you'll know what decisions are pending, and when they're due. Armed with that knowledge, relax and watch as your home comes to life! Communication & Transparency are at the heart of our process, and are incorporated via:



We'll keep your Construction Schedule updated in our online project management platform, so you can always check in on progress and the anticipated completion date.

Deadlines & Decision Making

You'll have your own specific "Owner Deadlines" so you can see what decisions we need from you, and when. Our online platform shows you what decisions you've already made vs. what's pending, and due dates will be tied to the Construction Schedule. If you've made all your decisions very early, we'll send final confirmations to you to ensure they are still what you want.

Detailed Subcontractor Instructions

Custom homes require more than just "copy-paste" floorplans and instructions. Each home presents unique quirks and details. Therefore, we provide our subs with some of the most detailed instructions in the market, reducing errors that can cost time, money, and frustration. 

Inspections & Walk-Throughs

Our Construction Management Team conducts detailed inspections at every stage of the process. This helps ensure that issues, mistakes, or clarifications are addressed early. You'll also have scheduled Owner walkthroughs to confirm decisions and monitor progress. 

Cost Transparency & Budget Monitoring 

In a "traditional" builder payment model, the Owner writes large checks to a builder, who then distributes money to subs and vendors. Builders can then negotiate lower pricing with vendors, and pocket the difference. With BAP, each check written goes to a specific subcontractor or vendor, and we pass any discounted pricing directly on to you. So you're able to track where each payment goes, and take advantage of builder pricing with our vendor partners. 

With BAP, you'll also receive a regular cost estimate update which takes into account updated sub/vendor pricing and any decisions or changes you make through the build. Once the "finishing" stages begin, we'll also begin sending more detailed Cost-to-Finish projections so you and your lender can prepare for closing. 

Phase 5


Closing & Move-In

As you near your home's completion, we'll provide an estimated Cost-to-Finish, including estimates for any outstanding site costs you might have (installation of fencing, septic, gravel driveway, etc.). If you have done a 2-time close (traditional construction loan), you and your lender can begin preparing for final appraisal and closing. For 1-time closings, we'll work with you to arrange a final inspection by the lender to confirm the project is complete. We know you'll want to move into your beautiful new home as soon as possible, so we'll go through any outstanding punch-list items with you, address what we can before you move in, and make a plan for any follow up needed.


Once your Warranty begins, you'll be able to make any warranty requests through our online portal. Our warranty team will work with you and the appropriate subcontractors or vendors to address the issue. 

Phase 6
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